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There’s some days I wish I could pic up my blade and use it.
But the only reason I don’t is because of my girlfriend.
I don’t want to know I hurt myself again.
But when things just get me, I just feel like the blade is the only thing I can turn too, to take that angry away and the frustration on the situations I have to deal with.
I feel like just giving up on most things in life, like friends, faith, hope, just feel like theirs no point to care anymore coz it just gets thrown in my face.
My girlfriend is about the only person that is keeping me sane, keeping me from breaking down and just giving in.. She doesn’t know that she is the only one that keeps me like that. But just being with her keeps my head above water..

Eat it until she cums or don’t eat it at all.

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I think..
Friendship sucks.

The moments I’m alone.. I’m depressed..


Olivia Wilde on playing LGBT characters. 

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